Welcome to the website of Adopt A Griffon UK. Finding homes for the many Griffon hounds in pounds in Spain, many for a long time. Unfortunately, in Spain Griffons are simply viewed upon as mere 'hunting dogs' and people there believe they are not suited as family pets - which of course is a misconception, as many of us know from experience. The Griffon's friendly and sympathetic character makes them an excellent pet for adults and children. Griffons come in all sizes. They are not very nervous dogs, yet active, lively and love to play and cuddle. They easily adapt to live in a small pack or as an only dog, they get along well with other dogs and are not overly possessive.  We do also help other breeds of dogs too as the shelters are so full, we cannot leave them there.

Please find it in your heart to give one of these wonderful dogs a chance in life and find them a forever home where they will be loved and appreciated.  Please contact one of the admin team if you think you are that special person to give a special dog a home.

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