Process of Adoption & Costs

Once you've satisfied yourself and family that this is the dog for you, the first step is for us to organise a home check.

This means that someone who lives near you who has adopted from our group already or someone who is on the Home Checker Register will come to your home and make sure it's suitable for the dog you are applying for.

We would require all fencing/walls to be a minimum of 5ft as our dogs have mainly been used for hunting in Spain and are scent hounds.Some have a strong hunt instinct so we also require that they are kept on a lead until a very strong bond is built up and that you test recall in a secure area. You must also be prepared that some can never come off lead. Long lunge leads are great to give them freedom or you can hire an enclosed field.

Once this is done, and all is ok, we ask that you send the non-refundable adoption fee of between £125 to £175 dependant on the shelter.  

We then ask them to arrange the rabies jab, (which must be done 21 days before leaving Spain), parvo/distemper jabs, sterilisation, microchip and blood tests for any Mediterranean diseases.

We would then book the dog onto the next available transport.

An adoption/foster contract will then be sent to you along with our extensive advice notes.

We give the transporter the names and addresses of the adopters and fosterers, so he can work out where the best meeting places will be to drop off the dogs in the UK. We currently only rehome to England, Scotland and Wales as we can provide full rescue back up.

You pay the transport charge directly to the driver.  The fee is £200 for England & Wales.  Scotland fees range from £250-£350 depending on location.

Once the dog is with you, we will contact you to arrange the change of details on the microchip - there is a fee of £2.40 to do this (this normally costs £15.00).

We keep you up to date with the details, and you will be invited to join our page which is for confirmed adopters or fosterers.

Once you have the new member of your family at home, we hope you will keep in touch via Facebook as we feel we know each and every dog!

Pam has adopted 5 dogs from various countries, so is very knowledgeable, and you'll always be able to gain advice from us or previous adopters on our other FB page.

There are obviously costs involved in adopting a dog, fundraising allows us to cover a proportion of costs for any treatment or foster care prior to adoption, but here are the charges:



Blood tests for and Mediterranean diseases


Parvo/distemper injections

Rabies injection (must be given 21 days prior to travel)

Approx. £125 - £175 
(non-refundable and payable after your successful home check.......this means we can instruct and pay for the tests and neutering immediately).

Transport in a DEFRA registered van with individual kennels inside

Transport  £200 for England & Wales.  Scotland fees range from £250-£350 depending on location

Microchip transfer fee £2.40

This is what it costs for us to bring the dogs to the UK.  No profit is made by Griffon Adoption UK.