Basset Fauve de Bretagne

The Basset Fauve de Bretagne is the short-legged member of the Fauve de Bretagne breed, an ancient group of dogs originally from the North West of France. the Fauves de Bretagne are divided into Bassets and Griffons (years ago there was a third branch, the Briquets).

With their short legs, they have been used to hunt under the bushes, in those places where bigger dogs couldn’t arrive. They are one of the oldest breeds in France and we can find proof of their existence as far as the XIV century.

Fauves, or Brittany Fawn Basset, were very popular during the XIX century in the French region of Bretagne. During the last years of the XX century they were recognised as excellent rabbit hunters. The name (fauve= wild, fawn) probably comes from the aspect they offer: rough brownish hair, not soft at all, rustic! The aspect of these doggies is that of a little lion, and in fact, when hunting, they are really brave and courageous!

Talking about the character of the Fauves, the most relevant characteristic of this dog is his capacity of living with other dogs. They love being with other furry friends, this is probably because, from the very beginning, they were bred to hunt in packs, never alone, so they need the other doggies. They go excellently well with all, males and females. It’s true that, used to hunt little pets (rabbits, rats,…) we need to be careful if we have these little members in the family.

Fauves are impetuous fast little dogs, rustic and energetic. They have only been appreciated for their hunting qualities but that’s a pity! They are even better as family dogs. Sociable, loving and patient, they are excellent companions even with children. Always happy, good-humoured, lively and affectionate. It’s true that Fauves are quite independent when they want to and we must say they are quite stubborn!

Although they enjoy the comfort and commodities of a home, they also like walking and running in the mountain so a little exercise is required if you have one of these sweeties in your family.

Another activity they love (in general) is playing with water! And of course I guess because they come from a cold region, they love cold weather. You will see happy Fauves playing in the snow, getting covered with it without even notice it!

An important detail when we talk about these family dogs is they are not known as barkers. They bark when they want to alert the members of the pack but they stop quite fast, a short deep bark. When they get excited during the hunt they communicate between themselves but this is usually only during the hunt.

So all in all, Basset Fauves are a loving, amazing, intelligent little doggies, excellent as a member of a family, happy, optimistic, a little stubborn. A crystal clear example of a bon vivant! Amazing dogs!!