Meet Annie, she is in foster care in North Lincolnshire.

Annie is a big gorgeous girl. She is 75 cm to shoulder.  She is calm and could live with another dog or on own with someone around alot.

Annie is very strong on the lead but a halti helps this tremendously.

A write up from her foster mum:

My name is Annie.  I'm 7 years old.  I'm a big and beautiful girl my foster mum tells me.

I get very excited going for walks but I do calm down after 5 mins I just have to have my 5 mins of excitement and she puts a halti on me which helps as I'm a strong girl.

I am a thief. I cant help myself so if you have a roast chicken or just a crisp on the worktop I will get it!!  I love my food!

My foster mum said that I need an experienced owner who takes no rubbish from me.  I was in a pound for 4 years in Spain but I am doing really well and love the comforts of a settee..bliss!!

Home check and adoption fee applies.