Nuky is a little girl with a very very difficult past. Her pups were rescued months ago and some of them have homes in UK in lovely families.  But Nuky did not allow the girls to catch her.

Some weeks ago they could finally catch her.. She was in a horrendous physical state.. Her skin was a wreck, and her soul was in pieces.

Nuky is 5 years old aprox, good with other dogs, no interest in cats, not used to walking on lead, escape artist, full of fears and very very shy. But Nuky is a precious soul, she is fighting against all odds and she is fighting against herself to bring her confidence back, she wants to please, she wants a home, shes learning so fast.. she is willing to love and to be loved.

Nuky is a special soul and so she needs a special family. A calm, experienced, patient and generous family. She will recover from her skin injuries and soon, she wont be a defeated dog anymore. Can you help her...?

Home check and adoption fee applies.

New photos of Nuky.  She is learning to trust people she knows now.  Takes a little while to meet new people but she is doing so much better.