Bruno (was Alan) is in foster care in North Lincolnshire.

Date of birth 01/06/2017, 19kg, 50cm tall, 90cm long.

Active and playful chap, good with people, kids, dogs and cats. He loves running and walking and enjoying life. He is a bit food possessive.

Bruno is a climber so a very well fenced garden is a MUST.

This is from his foster family:

Bruno is a delightful, happy boy who enjoys his walks and playing. He can be fearful at times but is a willing learner and grows more confident every day with positive reinforcement. Bruno walks well on the lead on hard ground but is scent driven in open fields so work is needed to improve. He is good when left for a couple of hours in his safe place and travels well in the car with no sign of sickness or stress. There has been the occasional toilet mishap (urinating) but this has become less frequent as he has settled and with vigilance. Bruno shows no signs of aggression at any time and shares the kitchen at mealtimes with our dog and takes treats (now he knows what they are) nicely. Bruno would benefit from an active and calm home and would excel at scent work or obedience classes as he loves to be active.

Home check and adoption fee applies.