We have been asked to help Centine.

She is an 11 year old Lagotto Romagnolo, about the size of a Cocker Spaniel and weighs 15.5kg (but could do with losing a little weight). She is generally a happy little girl and very loving. She was rescued 6 years ago from a hunting life in France (they are gundogs but also used to hunt truffles) and it took a while for her to overcome her fears but she did. Unfortunately, her owner has recently had heart surgery and a subsequent fall, both requiring extended stays in hospital in France and Centime was passed from pillar to post whilst her owner was recovering , and Centime seems to have regressed whilst missing her owner.

Since returning to the UK 6 weeks ago, Centime’s behaviour has become a little erratic and we now believe she is suffering from pain in her back legs, maybe from arthritis or an injury sustained when she was younger. She has started pain relief to try and ease her pain. Centime’s owner is 82, now has to use a walking stick and is terrified of Centime pulling her over again and breaking bones. The owners’ nerves are being transferred to the dog, making Centime and her owner unhappy so she has come to the difficult decision to try and rehome Centime. She has tried Dogs Trust but they are full and having spent some time with Centime, we believe that being in a kennel environment would be very detrimental to Centime and her fear can make her snappy and we believe she may end up being Pts.

Centime recently went for her vet visit  and she really enjoyed her walk to and from the vets, ignored other dogs in the surgery, ignored other dogs we came across on the walk, and was very happy to be back home. She obviously loves her Mum . As well as the pain in her legs, she has recently been treated for an ear infection but is responding well to treatment.

Can you give this little lady a home?  Home check and adoption fee applies.