Hugo is available for adoption in the UK. He is in Yorkshire.

Hugo is 6 years old and Grand Griffon Vendeen. He is a big lad and is 20" high from floor to the shoulder. He is good with people and dogs. No cats please. Also a home with no young children please.

He currently lives with another dog but they do not get on hence why he needs to be rehomed. We advise a home as an only dog or maybe with a female dog. He will need 6ft fencing at least for the garden area. He is a strong boy and pulls hard on a lead b ut he is an ex hunting dog so he would need to stay on a lead for some time until you can test his recall. He is reactive to other dogs while on walks but he has been having some training which has helped him.

He is good in the house and can be left.  He is clean.

From Hugo’s current adopter:

He’s quite a self contained dog, remains clean in the house and spends a lot of time sleeping. That said he will come to me for attention and likes stroking and loves being brushed. He will let you know when he needs to go out. He does not like being over warm and will again let you know by going to the door. So far there has been no chewing of furniture etc. He likes soft toys to nibble on and brings me a toy or his dog bed when I return home. He does not bring back toys or balls if they are thrown for him. It looks as though he has had things thrown at him in the past as he has cowered when I have tried to introduce this, so this is a no no. He becomes very excited when it’s time to go for a walk and will jump around in a happy way until he gets his lead on. He does not like being walked on busy roads and cowers at sudden noises from vehicles. I continue with the DMT approach which is slow and steady, and if Hugo has been stressed by another dog while out on walks, then even high value treats do not always help. I have started to introduce long lead training. Hugo is very possessive about food and there are resource guarding issues around this and toys. I wondered if Hugo may manage being an only dog with someone around all day for him.

Homecheck and adoption fee applies.