Meet Pegy.

In the UK and being rehomed through no fault of her own. Her family are devastated and we are looking for a fantastic home for her.

They are based on the North West of the UK

Likes: On a day to day basis pegy loves a walk to keep her active. Also she likes to play with small toys and playfight with Alfie. She does sleep a lot and will come to you when she wants fussing, we nickname her the Princess. Peg cannot be let off the lead (her hunting Instincts' take over) but if there is a secure field she likes to have a run. After her busy schedule when she wants she will come and cuddle up to you and want a fuss she likes a belly rub and a especially a tickle just below her ear. Food wise she eats dry food {burns dog food}, dentastix, dog biscuits and occasionally a small amount of dry toast.

Dislikes: Pegy dislikes small dogs as she will try to play rough with the small white dogs,nothing sinister but something to be aware of, no major incidents just pinned an odd dog or two down!! She also doesnt like to be picked up, and loud noises such as hoovers, hair dryers, fireworks and storms so needs to be comforted.

Eating Times: Pegy gets fed twice a day. In a morning and teatime (1.5 cups per meal assuming she is exercised everyday for an hour). Pegy also has one dentastix a day and will eat dog biscuits and occasionally toast of a night time. Please do not give pegy wet food as this effects her bowels.

Walks: On a walk Pegy will pull and has to wear a Halti headcollar with a short lead. she will want to meet other dogs but she is unable to go near small white dogs as above....if she starts to bark (bow wow wow, funny old sound!) she will be looking for other dogs or she can hear other dogs. Pegy also doesnt like cats so will pull hard to try to get to the cat.

In conclusion Pegy is a very loving dog who will fit right in to any family, no issue with children.

All in all a sweet loving girl being rehomed for health reasons.

Feel free to call Sue Pegy's owner for a chat, evenings preferred 07972 861900.