Milu is in a foster home in West Berkshire.  He is 58cm tall to shoulder,102cm long from nose to base of tail .

His date of birth is estimated at 1 June 2017 on his passport and he has recently come over from Spain as an ex hunting dog.

His foster family say this about him:

This very handsome, shaggy boy is sweet-natured, loving and submissive. His pet passport says he is just over 2 but he behaves more like a bit of puppy. He is still learning about boundaries and needs someone who is happy to help him continue this, which will be aided by the fact that he loves people and is a real cuddle-monster. Other dogs are not a problem as he is submissive and friendly. If another dog tells him off for overstepping the mark, he backs off straight away. In fact, he will really benefit from living with another, older dog who can show him the ropes. Like a typical hound, he loves being out and about, following his nose and within just a week of arriving in the UK, has learnt to be good on the lead. He is a reasonable size – 58cm at shoulder and about 80cm from top of his neck to base of tail. He’s fine being left for periods of time, if he is with another dog(s). He might bark a little initially but then just settles down. His is coming on well at being clean in the house though there is still the occasional accident. He could learn to live with a dog-confident cat but will need supervision initially. A secure garden is a must. With some love, support and patience, he is going to be an awesome dog; funny, loving, characterful and up for adventures.

We are looking for a home with someone who is around a lot for him plus children no younger than teenagers as he is so bouncy and will be so excited around small children.  No chickens or small animals either.

Home check and adoption fee applies.