How It All Started & Our Team

Pam Nicolson is the founder of Adopt A Griffon UK which started in September 2015 & with the help of Bubu Lochman in Spain they have saved many dogs in awful situations. Their main aim was to reserve Griffons in kill stations and awful pounds where the dogs had no hope of finding homes or worse still they would end their days there. So they got them out and placed them in residences or foster homes in Spain to get the dogs ready for their forever homes in the UK. So they had a chance to experience life as a loved pet.

Then we started to help various dog shelters in Northern Spain to rehome Griffons which have been saved but need to find homes of their own.  Elene Valdivia works at one of the shelters getting the dogs ready to travel plus provides us with all the information about the dogs so Lucy White can find lovely homes for the dogs over here in the UK.

In order to allow us to reserve Griffons from the pounds, pay the release fees, vet costs and pay for their care or bring dogs over to the UK in foster care then we need to fundraise for all of this.  Donna Woodger organises auctions, raffles, Griffon merchandise to help the dogs and helps with rehoming.

Our Facebook page is maintained by Rachel & Nigel Davis with regular updates on dogs available.  Plus we have a fantastic group of people who have adopted or fostered for our group who do the homechecks for new adopters. They are able to share their experiences with potential new adopters & some take their rescue dogs along for people to meet.

We are very lucky to have some lovely foster homes in the UK & in Spain to help the dogs get used to their new way of life as many have only ever known kennels or pounds. They soon learn that they have lots of comfort, play and lovely new walks.

It is a real team effort run by volunteers in the UK and Spain who all have full time jobs as well. Everyone’s aim is to help the dogs get lovely homes. To date over 500 dogs have got forever homes with Adopt A Griffon UK.  Please take a look at our Success Stories to see some of the dogs in their new homes.  Contact us if you think you can give one of our dogs a loving home which they all truly deserve.

The Team:

Pam Nicolson

Bubu Lochman

Donna Woodger

Lucy White

Elene Valdivia

Nigel Davis

Rachel Davis