There is nothing better than a happy ending. It feels scary adopting a dog you have never met and we fully understand that. I do promise though that you won't regret it. Some of these dogs arrive on the bus and instinctively seem to know they are home and safe and slot right in. They are sociable and loving and outgoing. Others take a little longer and are shy and nervous. This was the case for our own dear Betty. She arrived in May and joined three other rescue dogs and our two children in our busy family home. We had never encountered a dog so shut down. It was heartbreaking. Once we had stopped fretting about how to "fix her" she slowly started to venture out of her crate. Just this week she ventured upstairs for the first time. She is still wary of touch save for my husband and I , noises and strangers but she has so much love to give and is allowing herself comfort. Deciding to share your life with one of these dogs is simply one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Patience , time and love and you have a friend for life.

Rachel & Nigel Davis