I originally saw Griff on Facebook as someone had shared his photograph. I had been thinking of getting a dog for a while as we have been pet free for a couple of years. As soon as I saw his picture I fell in love with him. I knew adopting could come with some initial problems as he had been in kennels for a very long four years, I felt such an urgency to save him.  Griff arrived early February, a little bewildered following the journey but jumped straight into my car for the journey home. I cannot believe how quickly Griff settled in. He found the sofa and rarely moves from it, he certainly likes his home comforts. We had a couple of little accidents in the house but he soon got used to going outside for the toilet. Surprisingly Griff was a fussy eater but I soon learned his likes and dislikes. He also loves his walks and can now be let off the lead, he loves a good run. Griff does suffer from separation anxiety but that is improving with time. I found the adoption process so easy and hassle free and would highly recommend to anyone to adopt a Griffon. The support group is great too as there is always help on hand if you come across any problems. We have found the sweetest loveable boy. He has got a wonderful character which we see more of as time goes by. Griff loves everyone including any dog he meets. As you can probably tell Griff is loved very much and we could not imagine life without him.

Sue Batey