Just got back from a mini break near Hebden Bridge.
Indi was incredible xx
A few reflections on how far she's (and we!) come in the months we've had her
* she knows her name and that we adore her
* although we can't let her off the lead, she can run fast on a long one!
* she loves to play
* she's great to go out for afternoon tea with (doggie cafe...these are pupcakes!)
* she needs her own space
* she is super sensitive and picks up feelings (humans and dogs)
* she will always find the sun, and brims with happiness when lying in it
* it's almost impossible to take a good photo of/ with her
* she wants to play with all animals.....including Pygmy Goats
* she loves the countryside and long walks....but/ and they exhaust her!
* but most of all she loves to be comfy!
Am feeling enormous gratitude and humility for all those who've helped our doggies reach homes, and hearts