I just wanted to say, to anyone that has one of these amazing dogs from Spain, that debates about the pros and cons of getting a second to keep them company - it has been the best thing Mum ever did for Molly (Mela). Her and Bruna have an amazing friendship, they are charming together. Yes, they are old girls, and very easy to have around, & amazingly they seem to have no problems. But they seem to 'get' each other. When Bruna arrived, Molly seemed to visibly let out a huge breath. And since then, her amazing personality has started to emerge, and she's now the energetic one of the two (I use that term loosely)! I understand not all the dogs are as unscathed as Mum's two, but I just wanted to say what a huge success story, adopting a second, has been for Mum. Thanks to you all xxxxx

Emma Lewis