Sam came over from Spain in April 2016.  He was found in a village living rough where it is thought that he got lost from his hunting pack.  He then spent a year at Bando Shelter where he was cared for.

He was very nervous of people to start with but has learnt to trust.  He has settled very well into his new life.  He is a bit of a pickle as he loves bits of paper, card, plastic bottles & his new toys.  He loves his two meals a day plus he likes to woo woo for his treats which is extremely cute. He loves other dogs to play with & is very sociable.

The process to adopt is very easy as it is all done for you.  Waiting for my baby to arrive was the hardest part for me.

He has certainly changed our lives & I know we have changed his too.  I wouldn't be without this lovely, affectionate boy & so pleased we found him. I would certainly adopt from this group again one day.

Donna Woodger